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Building & Pest Inspection

Pests are a grave concern that is not normally visible to an untrained eye. Our building inspectors will identify and report any signs of timber pest activity and/or indication of damage caused by fungal decay, borers or termites.

We search for evidence of any preceding timber pest infestation or conditions which will make the property more vulnerable to timber pest in the future.

Property inspections are important to ensure that you do not have any hidden surprises after you have bought the property. We keep a keen look out for termites, cover-ups, asbestos and other unwanted revelations in order to ensure that your investment in your property, and us, is worth every penny.

We believe in the best and nothing less will do. Our A1 Building Inspectors are fully registered and insured who have years of experience behind them and are dedicated to finding all potential flaws in your likely investment, giving you peace of mind.
Our reports are fully comprehensive and if you prefer to see a sample copy of the same, please contact us and we will provide you with a copy.

During our inspection, we identify and document any evidence of timber pest activity, borers and fungal decay, current or past. We report any conditions that can make the property susceptible to recurrence of any of these problems. Let us take for example timber getting in contact with the ground or any source of excessive moisture such as water leaks and faulty plumbing. Besides mould and fungal decay, termites pose a big problem with wet areas.

We at A1 Building Inspections use Termatrac T3i to assist us in identifying any termite problems. Among all the most advanced termite detection devices for property inspection, the Termatrac T3i is most definitely the best. This 3-in-1 device is the ultimate in detecting termites; with its thermal sensor, an accurate moisture sensor and radar detection.